In 2006, I started working in the field of Muslim-Jewish relations, focusing on helping young people from both communities to construct more healthy understandings of themselves and each other.

Since then, I’ve been privileged to bring this work to thousands of people, at festivals, schools, universities, community centers, mosques and synagogues throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

In 2008, I founded Lines of Faith with Mohammed Yahya, a Muslim artist-educator. Lines of Faith is a Muslim-Jewish hip hop and poetry collective whose work leaves a lasting impact on those we touch (see testimonials below).

Lines of Faith Hounslow Mosque and West London Synagogue Workshop

For more information about Lines of Faith, or for bookings, please contact me here.

Here’s what some of our recent clients have said:

The young people independently produced impressive poetry under Lines of Faith‘s expert guidance, which inspires comfort and confidence. The young people also greatly enjoyed the performance, and the music and poetry of Lines of Faith obviously really resonated with them.
-Rachel Heilbron (Deputy Director, Three Faiths Forum)

Manchester has experienced problems…related to unnecessary animosity between different faith groups on campus, often stemming from political arguments…The Lines of Faith workshop and concert were truly inspiring…It was astonishing how the artists managed to get students to talk openly about their own prejudices and share with each other…in an atmosphere of dialogue and understanding that was inspiring for all that attended.
Ruth Arkush (Faithworks Chair, Manchester University)

Thank you for hosting such a positive workshop and inspiring others…We could not have achieved such an atmosphere…without your help and support.
Shira Conradi (Faith Hub Coordinator, Coexistence Trust)

The quality of poetry created by the pupils was outstanding…The sensitive approaches used by Daniel and Mohammed really engaged the children.
- Mary Connolly (Teacher, Earlham Primary School)

 I highly recommend Lines of Faith.
- Bryan A Anderson (Programme Manager, Paddington Arts)

An asset…fresh and exciting.
- Aviva Golbert (Head of Jewish Studies, Immanuel College)