Please come and join me on the above retreat – click on the flyer for more details. I’ll be teaching with Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels. Since 2007, I’ve taught retreats, extensive courses and stand-alone workshops in Jewish Meditation for students of all ages and levels of experience, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. The venues I’ve taught in include: Or HaLev, the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, the Homestead JerusalemStanford University, Stanford Hillel, Moishe House LondonLimmud NYIsabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Yeshivat Shvilei haTorah, Yeshivat Ma’ale GilboaYeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical SchoolCongregation Beth Am and my own retreats in my home village of Beit Zayit.

My speciality is integrating mindfulness with normative Judaism, helping people of varied levels of knowledge and experience to discover the richness and authenticity of a living, breathing Judaism. This involves both text-based, discursive learning and practical, experiential learning. In short, I teach that Judaism demands of us, and enables us, to work for greater compassion and self-awareness. Through this work, all aspects of Judaism, and of life, come into clearer focus.

I’ve been privileged to learn from many of the most respected teachers in the world of Jewish meditation, including Rabbi David and Shoshana Cooper and Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels.

I have also completed the Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Course, taught by Rabbis Sheila Peltz WeinbergJeff Roth and Jordan Bendat-Appell. The course, which I highly recommend, is a 16-month journey through many kinds of meditative and pedagogical practices, and is a collaboration between the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and the Awakened Heart Project.